You can vote in person during advance voting from October 20th to October 24th. Advanced polling locations will be open from 12 noon until 8 p.m. each day. There are over 300 advance polls in the province; your voter information card will detail the recommended polling location for you.


What to bring with you

You need to show ID that confirms your name and address before you get a ballot. You have 3 options for ID:

  1. Driver’s Licence. A valid driver’s licence, or other government-issued ID, that has your name, photo and current address.
  2. Two pieces of ID. Both must show your name and at least 1 shows your current address. There are 50+ options in the list below.
  3. Another voter can vouch for you. No ID? An eligible voter (who knows you) and is assigned to the same voting location, may vouch for one voter.


50+ acceptable ID options:

Proof of Identity

Birth Certificate

Canada Border Services Agency ID

Canadian Blood Services Donor Card

Canadian Forces ID

Canadian Passport


CIC Citizenship Card


Credit Card

Debit Card

Driver’s Licence (Saskatchewan)

Firearms Possession Licence

Fishing, Trapping, Hunting Licence

Government Employee Card

Health Card (Saskatchewan)

Hospital Bracelet

Indian Status Card

Métis Nation Status Card

Old Age Security (OAS) Card

Other ID (Government, Municipality, School Division, Indian Band)

Pleasure Craft Operators Licence

Parole Card

Passport of a Foreign State

Radio Operator Card

Social Insurance Card

Student Card from Post-Secondary Institution

Union ID

Veterans Affairs Health Card

Voter Information Card

Wildlife Certificate

Proof of Identity and Address

Admission Form (Shelter, Student, Seniors Residence)

Attestation of Residence

Bank Statement

Blank Cheque with the Voter’s Name

Certificate of Title

Cheque (Government, Municipality, School Division, Indian Band)

Credit Card Statement

Crop Insurance Statement

Court Document

Employer Paycheque

Government Benefits Statement (Employment Insurance, OAS, Social Assistance, Disability Support, Child Tax Benefit, Workers’ Compensation)

Income Tax Assessment

Insurance Policy

Letter of Authorization from a First Nations Band

Letter of Stay (Shelter, Student, Seniors Residence)

Mortgage or Lease Statement

Pension Statement

Post-Secondary Mail

Property Tax Assessment

Public Guardian or Trustee Letter

Utility Bill (telephone, power, cable)

Vehicle Registration

Voter Information Card from a Saskatchewan Municipality


What to expect

This provincial election will be different than past electoral events in Saskatchewan. Elections SK will have new processes and safety measures in place to protect voters, election workers and candidate representatives at the polls and returning offices. Some things you may notice include:

  • Physical distancing in the polls. Voters will be asked to stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart
  • Elections SK strongly recommends wearing a mask at the polls
  • Hand sanitizer available at all polls
  • Surfaces in the polls will be disinfected throughout the day
  • Single-use pencils will be provided
  • Elections AK recommends that voters who feel unwell on election day should stay home. Avoid not being able to vote by exploring other voting options such as absentee or advance voting.

You can learn more about safety measures being taken here.


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